Friday, August 30, 2013

Google Science Fair, YouTube Comedy Week, Geek Week

The results of Google Science Fair 2013 are out today. A celebration of creativity and innovation, it's a competition that encourages talented youngsters from around the world to pitch their potentially world-changing ideas to a seasoned panel of judges. Which one will win? --- #GSF2103

Gotta say, YouTube's taken to holding virtual events in a big way, offering TV channel-style entertainment. In May, they hosted YouTube Comedy Week (May 19-25). Earlier this month, (Aug 5-12) was YouTube Geek Week 2013 - celebrating global geekery. Here are some memorable video clips including one that came in from the now-famous Slowmo Guys. Enjoy!

Slowmo Guys, Gav + Dan start a water balloon fight with 1500 people and film it @ 2500fps. They shouldn't have... ;-)

Speaking of geekiness, I think the "Boy and His Atom" film by IBM Research is the bee's knees.