Wednesday, December 11, 2013

It's nice to be important. But... it's important to be nice.

MAKING MAN...KIND - An excellent film preview video by Julia Rose.

MMK is a project in collaboration with Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton and Mike Dooley.

More than a video, it's a movement. See the summary below. Watch. Enjoy. Share.

Be good to others. Be human. Be man...kind.

A tree is known by its fruit; a man by his deeds.

An explorative journey of the values & virtues of kindness. Engaging youthful change-makers, like you, to use technology and social media to spread the spirit of global kindness.

This cinematic voyage is lead by a citizen of humanities youth, who is rediscovering what he came into this world knowing: WE ARE BORN TO BE KIND.

The narration begins with a baby's consciousness speaking to the universe. Now a teenager, this young citizen of humanity seeks out validation of the echoes he recalls from his nearly forgotten conversation with the universe.

Our young explorer will begin by participating in a chain of random acts of skateboard. As the film progresses we will see the full sequence of events that his kindness began....which eventually, link back to him. Meanwhile, as his travels continue, he will perform other simple acts of kindness whose ripples are not seen. The experts and ordinary people he encounters on his voyage will provide the science and stories of man...kind.

With the way technology connects the world today, the millennium generation is armed to be the change. The keys to our current & future happiness are well within our grasp.

The future is NOW. And WE are "the ones". We all belong to a great and diverse family called man...kind, and kindness is the universal language we speak.

We can conquer wars of heart and country with contagious kindness as our weapon of mass creation. After all, we are man...kind.


This is the prelude to an upcoming feature film. For more information visit 

Thanks to Dee @amysticgirl Trivedi for sharing this video.